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Achievements to Date

1. Campaign for the retention of Objective 1 Status

In 1997 the Council for the West launched an intensive campaign for the retention of full Objective 1 Status for the BMW region. As the regional economic gap continued to widen, the campaign involved meeting with Government Ministers, Western Oireachtas members, Regional Authorities, County Councils and the EU Commission as well as an extensive media campaign both locally and nationally. The Council established a subcommittee which published a report supporting the retention of Objective 1 Status for this region.


2. WINNSJ – West of Ireland Network for New Sources of Jobs

Significant funding from ESF and ERDF was secured to develop a pilot project in
association with North Western and Western Health Boards and Sligo and
Roscommon County Councils, which examined the areas of childcare, respite care
and repair/maintenance of rural/urban housing with the aim of creating
sustainable employment in the social economy. This project successfully
provided 142 people with accredited training in the various projects.


3. WIN Campaign – West Infrastructure Now Campaign

The West Infrastructure Now Campaign launched in 2002 called for a co-ordinated approach by local representative groups to campaign, facilitate, support and ensure the delivery of the National Development Plan and the additional infrastructural items recommended in the State of the West report to the region. The campaign was successful in creating awareness of the infrastructure deficits in the region.


4. Corrib Gas

The Councils Energy Committee dealing with Corrib Gas has actively pursued the West’s and North West’s justified access to the gas being produced in the region and has been successful in highlighting the necessity of the provision of natural gas throughout the region.