'Worst road' threat to Mayo jobs


 With around 9,000 jobs in Mayo under serious threat because of N5 access problems, the Council for the West has called on the next government to give the immediate 'go ahead' to roads infrastructure into the county.


Sean Hannick, Chairman of the Council, said he had read with interest the comments of Fred Barry, Chairman of the NRA, who has called for prioritisation of the outer orbital route around Dublin and an eastern bypass of the city.


"His comment was 'let's not spend another ten years talking about it'," pointed out Mr Hannick. He continued: "The Council for the West fully supports the Dublin orbital route and the eastern bypass but surely the people of Mayo, Sligo and Roscommon are entitled to a good road also. The

N5 is the worst main access road into any county and we again appeal to whatever government is formed to give the N5 to Strokestown and the remaining sections of the N4 the green light immediately," said Mr Hannick.


He added that it appeared acceptable to spend another ten years talking about the western roads, especially the N5/N26 which have been talked about for the past 20 years.


"Indeed, it looks as if it will take another 10 years to complete the N5 and N4.  With precious jobs, mainly in manufacturing companies in Mayo, and further jobs in Sligo and Roscommon dependent on good distribution routes and fighting a fiercely competitive battle, the challenge is not helped by the extra costs involved in getting to market, not to mention extra costs incurred in packaging because of the condition of existing roads," added the Council for the West chairman.


Mr Hannick asked if there was any co-incidence in the fact that government parties did not do well in Mayo in the recent general election, getting only one seat out of five on offer. "Surely there is a message there which needs to be heeded by government if vital jobs in the area are to be secured," “there is little point in closing the door when the horse has gone” he argued.



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