05 May 2006


'Grasp opportunity for gas talks' says Council for West


Favourable conditions exist for the resolution of the ongoing Corrib gas impasse and should be grasped by all sides, said Sean Hannick, Chairman of the Council for the West, in a short statement.


Welcoming the recommendations of the technical advisory group (Tag), and the approval of a series of safety measures for the proposed pipeline route by Minister for the Marine Noel Dempsey, Mr Hannick said the conditions for a resolution were further improved by the conciliatory tones of Shell E&P Managing Director in Ireland, Andy Pyle.


It is good and right to hear Mr Pyle say publicly his company was willing to talk to north Mayo residents about all options, and to express regret for last year's imprisonment for 94 days of the Rossport Five, added Mr Hannick.


He said the response from the Rossport Five that mediation was back on track was also very encouraging.


"The Council for the West has always maintained that the way forward lay in dialogue and now that there are tangible grounds for believing the atmosphere has improved we wish the mediation talks every success," he said.