28 April 2008

West Council calls for drugs impasse talks

The Council for the West has called upon the HSE and pharmacists to engage in meaningful and immediate talks to resolve the threatened impasse to the community drugs scheme.

Council chairman Sean Hannick said, notwithstanding the perceived rights and wrongs of the situation, it was wrong to create a situation where thousands of elderly people and medical card holders would not be able to access their prescription medication under the community drugs scheme.

"Vulnerable people are being placed in an invidious and worrying situation and should not be pushed forward as pawns by either side. We know the situation will only be resolved by both sides sitting down and resolving their differences, and we urge the HSE and the pharmacists to do just that now instead of engaging in brinkmanship.

"The fears of vulnerable people are being heightened and that is morally wrong," he added.

Contact Points:

Public Relations Officer:   Terry Reilly 086 8109518 / 096 21603 / email: terryreilly@eircom.net

Co-ordinator:                      Caroline Wilson, Tel: 096 32975 / email: cftwest@iol.ie


Sean Hannick:                    087 2564824